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Concussion Athletic Donation Program

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Did you know that soccer is the number one cause of micro concussions?

Did you know that how you eat after a concussion can make a difference?

At The Wellness Center we take concussions seriously. We've seen complete concussion relief in as little as just under two hours - six sessions of 18 minutes each. Amazing results!

My daughter died of suicide due to multiple concussions. No one knew how to help her. We can't reverse what happened to her but I will and have learned from it. These amazing ReGen Pods are an answer to prayers. Now, I get to watch children who are suffering from concussion and post concussive syndrome find total relief. I find so much joy in watching this happen. As a business, we decided to make this more accessible to school aged kids in Weber, Davis, and Box Elder school districts. Introducing the Concussion Athletic Donation Program. We have a system. We have a wait list. Here's how it works. You have to get a voucher from your coach. Bring it to the center. When spots are available, you'll be asked to fill out a waiver, intake form, and a study questionnaire. You'll be set up with your six appointments at that appointment. You must keep your appointments or you lose your spot in the program. You come to each session on time, complete your 18 minute session, fill out the questionnaire. That's it! We want your children to heal! No other discounts are available to family members with children in the program.

What are the signs of post concussive syndrome? They can include headaches, sensitivity to light, inability to focus at school, difficulty in learning new concepts, difficult to read, to use a computer without getting headaches, depression, anxiety, anger outbursts, self harm, self medicating, and other similar symptoms. Your doctor can diagnose your symptoms. Your coach can refer you to the program.

If you are home schooled, and think you qualify for this service, please have your coach call us at 801-800-2484.

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