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most popular red light therapy in utah

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12 Session Pass

Good for one entire course of red light therapy

Expires in 1 year


Oxygen Available


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No Refunds

Participate in ground breaking research

At The Wellness Center, we engage in collaborative research with esteemed organizations, aligning ourselves with top-tier experts in their respective fields. If you possess an inclination towards exploring the benefits of red light therapy, harbor a desire to experience it free of charge, and possess an interest in participating in groundbreaking research initiatives, we invite you to schedule your first session with us. By doing so, you can actively engage in our pioneering endeavors and make a significant contribution to the industry, all for free. 

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Inquiry Circle
Starting June 12th, every other Wednesday at 6pm, we will do The Work of Byron Katie.
Click on Learn More to reserve your spot.
***Reservations Required***

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