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At The Wellness Center, we engage in collaborative research with esteemed organizations, aligning ourselves with top-tier experts in their respective fields. If you possess an inclination towards exploring the benefits of red light therapy, harbor a desire to experience it free of charge, and possess an interest in participating in groundbreaking research initiatives, we invite you to schedule your first session with us. By doing so, you can actively engage in our pioneering endeavors and make a significant contribution to the industry, all for free. 

Assessing Oxidative Stress Levels

We have established a strategic partnership with Dr. Tracey Covey, a distinguished authority in the field of Biochemistry, specializing in anti-inflammatory research. Our collaborative effort involves investigating the efficacy of our pods in mitigating oxidative stress. To participate in this study, interested individuals must meet three specific criteria:

      1. Dedicate yourself to completing a series of six red light therapy sessions at The Wellness Center. These sessions should be conducted three times a week, with a one-day interval between each session, for a duration of two weeks.

      2. Willingly provide a saliva sample for research purposes.

      3. Ensure that you have not undergone red light therapy at The Wellness Center within the last four months.

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