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pulsing full body red light therapy in ogden utah

Elite Membership


Least Expensive Membership

Get the elite membership for only $299.00 per month, with a minimum 3-month commitment  It's the best way to invest in your well-being at a low monthly cost. Join now for a healthier, happier you!

Free Compressed Oxygen

Compressed oxygen is essential in red light therapy because it boosts the therapy's effectiveness. Oxygen helps cells absorb light, promoting energy production and cell repair. This ensures that red light therapy optimally benefits the body, fostering quicker healing and improved well-being.

Early Access Discounts

Early access discounts are important because they let you save money before everyone else. These exclusive offers give you a chance to get a product or service at a lower cost, making it a smart and budget-friendly choice. Take advantage of these special deals for better value and savings.

Buddy Passes

Join our elite membership and get two free buddy passes every month! Share the joy of well-being with your friends or loved ones. It's an extra perk to make happiness a shared experience.
Buddy Passes Expires monthly and
are only for buddies.

Priority Bookings

Get priority bookings on appointments and discounts on workshops. Elevate your well-being with ease!

Unlimited Hold Options

Unlimited holds. Easily manage your
well-being journey according to your schedule. It's the stress-free
way to stay in control.
Must be reserved in advance.
Must be at least one week.


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