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Meet Our Owner


Hi, I'm Laura

I am thrilled to have found Red Light Therapy via the ReGen Pod. Its healing is scientifically proven to help with concussion relief, post-concussive syndrome, anxiety, depression and so much more including physical healing. Personally, I've had relief from arthritis, and complications from hydrocephalus which includes more energy, less brain fog, and better sleep.


I'm glad you found us! Come, receive relief. 

More of my story.....


June 19, 2014, my precious 16 year old daughter, Hannah Warburton, ended her pain by suicide. She had multiple concussions, and the final one destroyed her ability to cope. It's been a long hard road. I've lived every year since, searching and finding the current, most effective solutions for concussion, depression, and anxiety. My journey has brought me to whole body red light therapy! 

Whole body red light therapy is absolutely amazing in its healing abilities yet there are often other modalities that may help. Please visit my non-profit for more help. 

Meet Our Co-Owner

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I've seen many people suffer throughout my life, not just working at The Wellness Center. I too have gone through a great deal of suffering. However, by working here, I see a change in people. I see hope. I see happiness. I see life. I see improvement in people's overall quality of life.  I've heard statements such as, "I don't want to die anymore." or, "This has saved my marriage." I've seen single mom's of 15 or 20 years get spunk back into their life.  I've seen suicidal kids take control of their life again, and I've watched hopeless, sad dads find strength and hope they can actually cut it in this world. My why is mental health awareness and resilience.



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