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Suicide is Preventable

The following is a true story. It’s my story. It’s my husband’s story. It’s my children’s story. I hope it’s never your story.

My strong, sweet, sassy daughter, Hannah Warburton, experienced one too many concussions. The result? Eight short years ago at age sixteen, she ended her pain by suicide.

No one should have to experience burying their child, their sister or brother. It is the most horrific, all-consuming experience of my life. I wish it on no one.

The night of her viewing as hundreds of friends and family expressed shock and grief, one theme rose to the top, “Had we known, we would have helped her.” Hannah was like most 16-year-old girls, embarrassed and too ashamed to admit she needed help. I decided that night that I would do what Hannah couldn’t and I would be honest about the pain I was feeling and ask for help. That’s exactly what I’ve done for the last eight years.

I made a decision to resist the “what if” trap and instead decided to live “because of Hannah, I would…..” This is resilience in action.

For eight years, I’ve searched, researched, been a part of changing Utah laws, all to find better more productive ways to reduce suicide and more importantly help those who suffer to thrive not just survive.

On my nonprofit site,, you will find many resources. Please use them!

Now we come to the purpose of this story – a solution that I never saw coming and yet here it is, and it IS helping many people is the Q8 Regen Pod – a red-light whole body pod that is the most advanced pod in the world. I found this through a research scientist who was so impressed with the pods that he bought two. After I used the pod only 4 times, I decided I never wanted to be without one. So, I bought one and opened The Wellness Center in Huntsville in my home. I was so overwhelmed with the demand that I opened a second center in South Ogden with three pods.

Hannah had multiple small concussions resulting in post concussive syndrome. Eight years ago, the medical community didn’t know what to do. And frankly, they still don’t. We do. Six sessions and youth are seeing amazing results. No more headaches, no more tiredness, no foggy brain. Kids are getting better.

Why wait for a concussion? We are seeing amazing results with reduced anxiety, depression, PTSD, post surgical pain, post surgical scar revision, long haul Covid, arthritis, and so much more. It’s science and it’s a proven modality to reduce inflammation, increase ATP production helping with physical recovery of all kinds. It’s also an adjunct modality meaning that sometimes the best results happen when you apply more therapies in your life such as Accelerated Resolution Therapy (A.R.T.), physical therapy, and others all of which we have gathered partners who we feel are experts in these fields. Or, many find enough relief simply by using the pod 1 to 3 times a week. The pod is proven to help your body to heal itself which means less opiates, less surgery, less anguish, and more vitality.

It’s not if problems will come into your life. They most certainly will. It’s what you do with them that matters. I chose to learn from Hannah’s pain and change how I live and help others do the same. Be brave and come get help!

All my love,

Laura Warburton



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