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Have Time for a Minute Video? Can you Share?

Hello, we're glad you're taking time to listen to this video. What is photobiomodulation? Also known as red light therapy. Photo is light, bio is human biology, and modulation means to calibrate. Red light therapy calibrates the human body. Red light therapy stimulates cell growth, restores energy, and decreases inflammation. It can also help with many other things such as chronic pain, concussion, PTSD, and mental health. We have whole body red light therapy pods that can target such things as arthritis, neuropathy, and anxiety. We also have dozens of protocols meant to target such things as deep tissue relief and more. With hundreds of pulsing protocols we have an expert group of facilitators who know how to ask the right questions to help you find the best protocol that will fit your needs. Now we commonly get asked, who can use these services. The answer is everyone. We believe most everyone on the earth needs the healing benefits of our pods. Come to The Wellness Center. You deserve it!


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