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Community Business Partnership

A truly DeLIGHTful opportunity
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Business wholesale opportiunities

Provide your patients with premium red light therapy without any initial hardware expenses or extra space requirements. Purchase sessions in bulk at wholesale pricing. Resell at a profit or gift them to your patients.


Our machines are best in class retailing at $85,000 a piece.


A partnership that’s truly deLIGHTful.

We are ecstatic that you've taken the time to learn more about our medical red light therapy community partnership program. We aim to outline why partnering with us to offer red light therapy will provide immense benefits to your practice, helping you become truly best-in-class with our exceptional, FDA-registered wellness devices.


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Enhance Patient Outcomes

Red light therapy is backed by extensive research demonstrating its effectiveness in reducing inflammation, accelerating tissue repair, and improving skin health. By integrating red light therapy into your practice, you can offer a proven, non-invasive treatment that enhances patient outcomes and satisfaction. Enhance Patient Outcomes

Increase Revenue Streams

With the growing popularity of whole body red light therapy, incorporating it into your practice can open new revenue streams. Clients are willing to invest in cutting-edge treatments that offer real benefits, and red light therapy is no exception. This addition can boost your practice's profitability while providing exceptional value to your clients.

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Which level of opportunity works best for you?










$20.00 Per Session

$27.50 Per Session

$25.00 Per Session

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Enhance Client Retention and Loyalty

Clients who experience the benefits of red light therapy are more likely to return for ongoing treatments and recommend your practice to others. By offering a service that visibly improves their well-being, you build stronger client relationships and foster long-term loyalty. Enhance Client Retention and Loyalty

Stay Ahead of Industry Trends

The wellness and healthcare industries are continually evolving, with clients increasingly seeking natural and effective treatment options. By offering red light therapy, you position your practice at the forefront of these trends, showcasing your commitment to integrating advanced, evidence-based modalities.

Expand Your Service Offerings

Adding red light therapy to your suite of services allows you to attract a broader range of clients seeking innovative wellness solutions. This versatility can help differentiate your practice in a competitive market, making it a go-to destination for holistic health and wellness.

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Get Started Today

Setting up your account is quick and easy. Simply give us a call, and we'll handle all the appointments for you.

Why Partner with The Wellness Center?

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Red Light Therapy as a Business Expense without the Expense!

Our red light therapy services can become a valuable business expense for your practice. Offer the service without the overhead of a $85,000 dollar equipment investment and saving valuable clinic space. In addition, we are the experts and will guide you into your red light learning. As a healthcare provider, you remain the expert in your patients' experiences and overall care.


Affordable and Effective Treatment

While individuals can purchase their own red light therapy packages if they wish, many will find they do not need more than six sessions for acute situations. This makes receiving treatments through your office a much more cost-effective option. If at any point they decide to purchase directly from us, rest assured they will remain your patient.


Complementary to Medical Services

We want to emphasize that our services are not a replacement for your medical expertise. We fully recognize that red light therapy is an adjunct procedure. We are here to support your role as the primary medical provider, offering a complementary therapy that can enhance your patients' overall well-being. We love our chiropractors as partners and frequently refer patients to them!


Community Partnership

As a token of our appreciation and collaboration, we will add you to our website as a Community Partner. This partnership highlights our commitment to working together for the betterment of patient care.



Our pricing for a single session is $50. Although we offer less expensive memberships at $299 or $360, many patients may find these prices prohibitive. Therefore, your pricing structure can offer a more affordable solution for them.










​Select a Wholesale Package:
   - Choose a wholesale package that suits your business needs.


Create a Business Profile:
   - We set up a business profile for your practice.


Centralize Purchased Sessions:
   - All the sessions you purchase are consolidated in one location for easy management.


Business Write-Off:
   - The sessions now qualify as a business expense, making them eligible for write-offs.


Refer Patients:
   - You refer your patients to our center for red light therapy sessions.


Appointment Setup:
   - Patients either bring a receipt you provide or your staff schedules their appointments with us.


Patient Account Creation:
   - Upon arrival at our center, patients create personal accounts linked to your business account.


Therapy Session:
   - Patients receive their red light therapy session.


Session Documentation:
   - We take notes during the session for accurate records.


Information Sharing Consent:
    - Patients sign a waiver allowing us to share session information with you, their doctor.

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